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Are you looking for the perfect candidate to fill a role?

If you’re like many of the successful business owners that we work with, you know that finding the right fit is critical to your business growth. As one of your most significant investments, it’s absolutely crucial that your team consists of talented employees that perform at a high level, fit into your company culture, and STAY.

But, let’s be real. Finding the perfect candidate, let alone the employee selection process, is exhausting! Whether it’s:

  • an overwhelming amount of unqualified applicants from job boards
  • expensive fees for recruiting agencies with an insufficient “butts-in-seats” mentality
  • highly recommended people in your network who just don’t work out
  • no time or energy to sift through tons of candidates with minimum qualifications
  • an urgent hiring need but you can’t afford to make a mistake or bring on the wrong person

We get it.

After 10 years in recruiting, we’ve seen how the right employees can form dream teams that scale business and drive unprecedented revenue growth.

That’s why we’ve compiled our industry experience with proven recruitment processes to create the perfect solution for business owners like you.

Our AHA! Recruitment Plans eliminate the frustrating
leg work for business owners who need to grow their
team QUICKLY, regardless of size

It’s the ONLY all-inclusive recruitment service that helps companies attract the ideal employee
not only the first time, but every time.


Uncover the WHO

We get to know your business, culture, and specific needs for the role to help you figure out who you need to hire.


Attract the RIGHT candidates

We provide actionable strategies and create a customized visual job posting and microsite that’s designed to attract the right candidates.


Hire the PERFECT fit

We create a customized Interview Guide so you can be prepared to ask the right questions and get the relevant information you need to determine the perfect fit.

All of our AHA! Recruiting Plans include:

Custom Branded Career Site

Visually enhanced career page designed to drive candidate engagement

Visual & Text Job Postings

Mobile-friendly and social media optimized postings that exemplifies your company culture

Role-Specific Interview Guide

Customized interview guide that shows candidate qualifications and culture fit. Available to create yourself through our Dream Team Community with our Jumpstart & Accelerate Plans or we do it for you with our Premier Plan.

Effective Interview Training

Virtual coaching session to help you spot the right candidates with effective interview strategies. Available to watch yourself through our Dream Team Community with our Jumpstart & Accelerate Plans or we provide a customized session in real time for you with our Premier Plan.

Deep Dive Consultation

Proprietary AHA! Recruiting Experts Discovery Process to uncover ideal candidate persona

Recruitment Marketing Action Plan

Strategic action plan to launch branched site and promote qualified traffic

Save time, money, and your sanity with an all-in-one hiring solution that is tailored to fit your needs.
Are you ready to take control of your hiring?

Prefer to outsource recruitment completely?

Recruitment Subscription Programs

You do your best work when you can completely focus on your business.

Let us take the ongoing requirements of hiring and recruiting top candidates off your plate.

Our subscription programs are:

  • Fast & Easy
  • Affordable
  • Industry-leading

The Jumpstart Package

If you need a simplified system to support your on-going, high volume hiring and recruiting needs, the Jumpstart Package will save you hours of time. This package includes:

  • Sourcing passive candidates
  • Screening candidate resumes & only sending you the ones that meet your minimum qualifications
  • Marketing your position(s) to over 100 job boards
  • Creating & Sharing social marketing for your position(s)
  • Option to add on one way video interviewing
  • Access to our resource packed Dream Team Community

Ideal for: Hourly positions for companies that fill a minimum of one role a month

The Accelerate Package

If you are looking for some additional support and screening, the Accelerate Package is the one for you. This package includes everything in the Jumpstart Package, plus:

  • Conducting phone screens and reference checks
  • Inviting candidates to complete video interviews using our user-friendly software
  • Coordinating next steps for candidates you want to move forward with
  • Nurturing the candidates throughout the process
  • Industry and geographic specific compensation report for your role taken from up to date pay information

Ideal for: Full-time positions for companies that need to secure long-term employees

The Premier Package:

If you are filling career positions, the Premier Package takes all of the hiring tasks off your plate and gives you the highest level of coaching and support. This package includes everything in the Accelerate Package, plus:

  • Conducting a more intensive Zoom interview following the initial phone screen.
  • Administering and reviewing with you pre-hire assessments of final candidates.
  • Providing you with a customized interview script and coaching.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the recording of the Zoom interviews you conduct with the final candidates.
  • Creating a customized Employee Experience document to help you onboard and retain your new hire.
  • Offering you a 12 month GUARANTEE!  If your new hire leaves or is terminated for legitimate reasons during the first 12 months, we will conduct a new search for free.

Ideal for: Full-time positions for companies that need to secure long-term employees and want some additional support and a guarantee.

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