Our Team

The AHA! Recruiting Experts team draws on their diverse backgrounds and experiences in order to better relate with our clients and our candidates. We understand because we’ve been there as business owners, as recruiters, and as job seekers. We can empathize no matter where you are in your hiring journey.

Andrea Hoffer, CEO

Andrea, our CEO, is based out of Delray Beach, FL. Believing that people are wonderfully messy has driven her passion for learning about what motivates others. She loves digging into your company’s culture and values in order to help find your next great team member. Andrea holds an MS in Higher Education Administration from the University at Albany, SUNY, and an MBA in Business/Entrepreneurship from Georgia State University. She brings with her experience in the higher education system, revenue-producing operation management, franchise business ownership, and business coaching. When she’s not enjoying a walk on the beach, she enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew and also her fur-niece, Teddy the goldendoodle.

Tatiana Czemerys, Lead Recruiter

Tatiana is our Lead Recruiter based out of Pittsburgh, PA. She enjoys learning new things and connecting with the clients; her goal is to understand their needs in order to provide the best suited candidates for the positions. Tatiana has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management from the University of El Salvador from Buenos Aires, Argentina and she’s SHRM Certified. Her experience in Recruiting and HR Generalist positions provides a well-rounded background to help our clients in many areas. She lives with her husband, Richard and two beautiful Labradoodles, Milo and Roma in the Pittsburgh suburbs. What they all enjoy best is going out on weekend getaway adventures as often as possible and visiting new places.

Heather Duthoy, Recruiter

Heather is our Recruiter Associate based out of upstate New York. She enjoys recruiting for a wide variety of industries and being challenged to find the right fit for the position. Heather has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management from Grand Canyon University. Heather lives with her husband and daughter, along with their 3 dogs in the Finger Lake Region of New York. She enjoys spending time with her family, refurbishing furniture, and traveling.

Adam Rea, Recruiter

Adam is our Recruiter Associate based out of Colorado. He enjoys finding the right people for the job. Adam has a background in heavy equipment and warehouse industries both in management and recruiting. He lives with his girlfriend, Megan and their two dogs Raksha and Tuner, and two cats Myla and Grea. During his free time he enjoys spending time outdoors.

Amrissa Marbella, Recruiting Assistant

Amrissa is our Recruiting Assistant. She delights in finding the right people for the job and always gets amazed at every successful employment connection. Amrissa took Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines and, before joining AHA, served as a Comms Trainer for outsourced customer service representatives working remotely for various US clients. Her favorite pastime is cooking Asian delicacies for her three lovely daughters.

Tresha Bataluna, Recruiting Assistant

Tresha is our Recruiting Assistant. Prior to joining the AHA! team, Tresha received her Bachelor of Secondary Education. Her experience as a customer service representative for various US-based clients for about 7 years primed her ability in building and nurturing relationships. Tresha is fond of playing online games, learning anything related to domain selling, and spending time with her son during her free time.

Virginia Nipal, Recruiting Assistant

Virginia is a graduate of Bachelor of Science Information and Communication Technology and has a background in customer service, sales, ESL, and property management. She loves watching movies or videos on YouTube with funny, entertaining and educational content like documentaries, life in other countries, history, culture, and recipes, too. Virginia has two kids whom inspire her and fuel her drive to working hard and becoming someone whom they can look up to and be proud of.

Crizette Mañago - Executive Assistant

Crizette is Andrea's Executive Assistant. She's excited to assist Andrea and the entire AHA! team. Her goal is to manage administrative duties and tasks given to her. She has a B.Tech's Degree in Electronics Communications Eng'g from the Technological University of the Philippines. With 10+ years experience, her background in Customer Service, Sales, and VA, Crisette's versatility, adaptability and skills shine through to meet the fast-paced culture in today's business environment. She loves to cook and play with her three kids in her free time.

Dora Ortega, Marketing Coordinator

Dora is our Marketing Coordinator based out of Miami, FL. She has a love for words that has seen her working as an expert document translator for more than a decade and more recently as a freelance communications strategist. Dora has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Real Estate from Florida State University. She enjoys creating communication strategies that help connect people and get needs met in the most effective and efficient manner possible. She is a certified yoga teacher who is passionate about books, photography and music.

Agustina Czemerys, Marketing Assistant

Agustina is our Junior Recruiter based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her background is diverse as she has held positions ranging from customer service to administrative assistant in big companies such as Hospital Universitario Austral. Agustina has a knack for easily and naturally connecting with people, which goes hand in hand with how she focuses on finding the best qualities in people. She loves learning new things, gaining new experiences and is currently a student of Veterinary medicine. Agustina is an animal lover, a fashion enthusiast who is very sociable and who in her free time, enjoys spending time at the beach and the ocean.