Utilizing Employee Testimonials in the Hiring Process

You understand the role that customer reviews play in your brand but have you given much consideration to how to really utilize employee reviews? And no, we don’t mean performance reviews. We mean employee testimonials where employees pull the curtain back on what it’s really like to work for you. Employee Testimonials

How to Know You’ve Hired a Successful Manager

Hiring the right support staff and all-around workers helps keep a business on the right track. Employees, however, can only do so much. Their supervisors guide them to perform their duties effectively. Is your manager doing what he or she is supposed to do? If you aren’t gauging the success of your manager, you have to start doing so right away. Here are a few things to think about when determining a manager’s effectiveness.


What Are the Most Desired Incentives in a Workplace?

Effective workplace incentives can improve morale and productivity. They can also improve the public perception of your brand if you participate in activities, like Habitat for Humanity as an office team. While there are many different kinds of perks, some work better than others. Here’s a look at some of the most effective ones. Employee Incentives


Why Your Business Needs a Career Website (and What to Include)

We all know that business owners need a professional website. But now, it’s time to move beyond the most basic website advice and capitalize on the power of your site for a new audience… job candidates. Career Site For Your Business

To run a growing business, you need a great team. Having a career website provides advantages. So, we wanted to share a few important benefits your career website can provide and what you should include on the site to get the best results.