What Is Employer Branding? Do I Need It?

HRH 6 | Employer Branding

What is employer branding? Do you need it even if you’re a small to medium-sized business owner? In this episode, host, Andrea Hoffer, answers these questions as she highlights the need for you to attract the right people and retain them. After all, these are the very people who will bring your core purpose to being in your business and out to the world. Listen in on this brief yet insightful discussion to help you get your employer branding right.

How to Leverage Video to Elevate Your Employer Branding

While it is a truth universally acknowledged that the internet was created for videos of our pets doing cute things, video is increasingly becoming the content of choice for consumers and by extension job candidates. It can seem overwhelming to try to keep up with all of the trends in hiring and recruiting but video is one trend that is here to stay.

The Art Of Interviewing

HRH 5 | Art Of Interviewing

There is an art to interviewing. As an interviewer, you can’t just spew out questions and expect to find the best person you are looking for because sometimes, those who are good during interviews tend to be the least fit for the job. In this episode, Andrea Hoffer talks about the three key areas you need to consider when approaching the interviews you conduct. Get the details you really need with your interviews. Listen in to this discussion to learn more.

How to Help New Employees Settle into Their New Position

Hiring new employees can be a rough experience. It would be nice if new employees could just immediately jump in and work seamlessly with your new team. That won’t happen no matter how good your new employee is. Unfortunately, some employersMen shaking hands seem to have this expectation from their new hires. If you really want to have the best results, do the following.