Identifying and Improving Business Processes

Effective business processes can save you time, money and future hassles. The method I use for identifying and improving business processes is four steps: Investigation, Inquiry, Diagnosis, and Measurement

Investigation involves surveying everyone from your staff and management to your partners and customers. The goal is to not only discover the unwanted symptoms but to look deeper and find the underlying causes.

Communication Breakdown

Andrea addresses some of the barriers with communication that she has seen in organizations. These include:

  1. Perception
  2. Body Language
  3. Channel in which message is communicated

Helping You Find Ways To Get Unstuck

Andrea sheds light on the vicious cycle of trying to get employees to do things the way you want them done. She has found that taking one on one time to discuss your employees dreams and goals will not only make your employees feel cared about, but will motivate them and help them to feel more invested in the company.


I once knew a woman named Priscilla who embodied great customer service.  Over the years I’ve attended many workshops on customer service.  I’ve also read countless books, yet when I think about GREAT customer service, I think of Priscilla.

I met Priscilla in 2000.  A friend of mine had recommended a certain type of make-up to me.  It was a brand you could only buy at a department store.